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Metrological service

Calibration laboratory performs calibration of length measuring tools according to STN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (General requirements for testing and calibration laboratories).

In our internal conditions, we can assure the calibration of:

  • end gauges
  • calipers
  • micrometric measuring tools
  • cavity micrometric measuring tools
  • micrometric depth tools
  • micrometric tapping tools
  • passameters and micropassameters
  • dial timing gauges
  • subitems
  • cylindrical gauges
  • screw gauges
  • screw rings
  • screw wires
  • steel rules
  • feeler gauges

In near future, we are going to extend our service to assure also the calibration of pressure measuring tools, temperature measuring tools, as well as measuring tools for electrical parameters, plane angles, hardness and stregth of materials.

Furthermore, we are able to carry out also some of the test according to Volkswagen standard VW 751 74 (testing of connectors).